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Interconnection Systems Incorporated

Connecting the world to the future of energy


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ISI commands excellence in value engineering. Our team of engineering experts implement safety, quality, performance and reliability into each plant design. The O&M mindset is always at the forefront of our engineering practices. We spec and use only Tier 1 equipment and established vendors and practices

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ISI is heavily invested in QA/QC of procured materials. Our relationship with our vendors has been built through the years as one of trust and respect. ISI has trusted vendors that do not over commit and under perform. We have partnered with the market’s leading Tier 1 manufacturers and built a rapport that guarantees success. 


Safety first. There is not an accident that cannot be prevented. We approach all aspects of construction practices with an on-time underbudget attitude. ISI has recruited some of the best talent in the industry. Whether it’s civil, mechanical, structural, or electrical installations, ISI is process driven and single-mind focused toward implementing Quality Control, Best Practices, and Lessons Learned into every project.



Founded in 1996 by Wayne E Williams, ISI is one of the few regional companies located in the Midwest that offers Developers nationwide the full EPC package for renewable solar energy and Battery Energy Storage System (BESS.) 

ISI is people. The organization was built and continues to be built with solid character individuals who have demonstrated expertise in their field. Our people and value system come first. Happy team members perpetuate the values that ISI holds dear. We strive for excellence through training and communication.

We practice all the concepts of LEAN construction. Plan your work – Work your plan safely. It is that simple. There is colleague buy-in throughout the organization with Best Practice and Lessons Learned and the forefront of every decision. We pool our knowledge through coordinated meetings and promote knowledge transfer from department to department horizontally and vertically. We’ve adopted the practical concept that None of us is as smart as all of us.

Communication and transparency with our customer is paramount. Our customers have the unique advantage to login to see into our individual projects through access of our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. Customers see anything from schedule updates and daily progress photos to that morning’s Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) that was discussed at the morning safety meeting.


Integrity is principal. Always tell the truth. This is a concept that is driven into all thought processes throughout the ranks whether it is Engineering, Procurement, or Construction. If trust is not the foundation of a relationship, there is no relationship. We would encourage anyone looking at ISI for an EPC consideration to visit our testimony page. There are a lot of big-name recognition companies that use ISI as a trusted Source. Ask them.



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